Silk Square Scarf Ceiba Tree Riviera Maya by VIDA VIDA Prn92U

Silk Square Scarf - Ceiba Tree: Riviera Maya by VIDA VIDA Prn92U
Silk Square Scarf - Ceiba Tree: Riviera Maya by VIDA VIDA
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Applies to: Creative Cloud
June 18, 2018
Learn how to collaborate on folders and libraries with other users, from your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

You can collaborate with other users and share a private folder from your Creative Cloud account with specified users. All invited users can then work co-operatively with read-only (locked) assets in a shared private folder. Collaborators can view, edit, rename, move, or delete contents of the shared folder if they've been granted the necessary access rights and permissions.

To share public links to files and folders with others (share assets with read-only access), see White Almost Famous Cap Nasaseasons gjQv9

For more information about libraries in Creative Cloud, see Creative Cloud Libraries .

Collaborate on Creative Cloud Libraries

You can share libraries with collaborators using the Creative Cloud website or from within Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps.

For a list of Creative Cloud apps currently supporting libraries, see Creative Cloud Libraries .


Share libraries from within a desktop application

Do the following to share a library from within a desktop application supporting Creative Cloud Libraries:

In the Libraries panel, select a library from the pop-up menu.

Open the drop-down list and choose Collaborate .

In the browser page that opens, provide email addresses and an optional message for one or more collaborators with whom you want to share the library.

Choose whether you want to give the collaborators Edit permissions ( Can edit ) or View permissions ( Can view ). These permissions apply to all the collaborators whose email addresses you entered.

Click Invite to send out the collaboration invites.

Collaborate on libraries from within a Creative Cloud application.

Your collaborators receive an email message inviting them to join the collaboration. Existing Creative Cloud members also receive a notification via the Creative Cloud desktop app and website.

Share libraries using the Creative Cloud website

In the Creative Cloud Assets left , click Libraries and then click Go To Libraries .

From the library folder menu, choose Collaborate .

Choose Collaborate from the library folder menu.

In the Invite Collaborators dialog, enter the email addresses of one or more collaborators.

Choose whether you want to give the collaborators Edit permissions ( Can edit ) or View permissions ( Can view ). These permissions apply to all the collaborators whose email addresses you entered.

Can edit

Collaborators can edit, rename, move, and delete the contents of the library.

Can view

Collaborators can only view the contents of the library and comment on them.

Share your library and invite collaborators


Useful considerations regarding permissions:

Can edit :
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The U.S. Air Force’s plan to pare down its drone fleet was fantastically unrealistic —and the branch’s leadership seems to be finally realizing this. Now, as Foxtrot Alpha predicted, the Air Force is asking to expand its drone capacity dramatically due to the the threat from international terrorism, the realities regarding the state of conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, as well as the dismal cultural and personnel situation within the drone force’s ranks.

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As reported in the Los Angeles Times , on Thursday, the Air Force has a $3 billion dollar proposal that aims to add 75 MQ-9 Reaper drones to the current fleet of 175 Reapers and 150 Predators. This will increase the number of drone squadrons from eight to 17.

To support this expansion, the Air Force will add around 2,500 to 3,500 new pilots and support staff to its current force. This is also needed to ease the pressure on the current drone force crew cadre, which has been chronically undermanned and neglected for years . Also, new bases overseas will be established to host the Air Force’s enhanced drone force.

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The result is a massive expansion in the Air Force’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) capacity. In order to sustain such a expansion, key issues need to be finally addressed within the RPA force itself, and most of them are also included in the initiative. According to military officials, this includes :

· Approximately double the number of RPA flying squadrons.· Create a new wing to normalize organizational and command and control structures relative to other weapon systems.· Standardize the squadron, group and wing structure.· Assign RPA units in new locations to potentially include overseas locations.· Decrease the heavy burden of persistent in garrison combat operations by increasing RPA manning and associated resources by 2,500-3,500 Airmen.· Define career tracks for officer and enlisted RPA operators and maintainers.· Study the promotion and professional military education selection rates for RPA officers.· Study the feasibility of a single specialty code for RPA maintenance personnel.· Streamline processes to better enable Reserve Component forces to support the mission.

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Latest issue (complete) Number 7, July 2018 (07LT01-075060)

Issue in progress Number 8, August 2018 (08LT01-085022)

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Prize winners We are delighted to announce the following prize-winning SMS papers, awarded at the September ASME SMASIS 2017 conference: Self-expanding/shrinking structures by 4D printing by M Bodaghi, A R Damanpack, and W H Liao has won 2017 Best Paper Award in Mechanics and Material Systems, awarded by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Origami acoustics: using principles of folding structural acoustics for simple and large focusing of sound energy by Ryan L Harne and Danielle T Lynd has won the 2017 Best Paper Award in Structures and Structural Dynamics. Congratulations also to Dr Serife Tol and co-authors for their paper 'Gradient-index phononic crystal lens-based enhancement of elastic wave energy harvesting' which was awarded the 2017 ASME Energy Harvesting Best Paper Award (announced in the EHTC Spring 2017 meeting and awarded at SMASIS 2017). Our warmest congratulations to all the authors on their well-deserved recognition.

Prize winners

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